About Us

Bookhaul.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brydal Technologies Inc. A private company owned by family and friends.

Bookhaul.com leverages the power of the Haulworks.com brand of social networking to offer online customers the Web's premier destination for an author's previously unpublished work and enabled a social network with related products and services to help aspiring writers and readers get more enjoyment out of their literacy pursuits. With all the benefits of creating positive relationships between individuals the site also promises to provide wonder and excitement through the creation of the Internet's first Internet Reality Site for individuals aspiring to get their work(s) published online or in print.

Soon to be the Internet's largest free bookstore.

Social networks have much to add to the creation of an Internet site that is valuable and worthwhile. Our Social Network System spans across the world with millions of titles becoming possible for download into our Bookhaul.com web social network system. Within a few years we are confident that we will have a greater number of free book titles than any other online book retailer or seller offering the world the promise of an exciting new literature experience.

With so many titles, it will be critical to give our members an easy way to find precisely the books they are looking for. Our fast search engines enable our members to locate books by title, author, or keyword in a few seconds at most. And our amazing easy-list system allows users to sift through numerous categories to find exactly the right book. To further assist our members, we offer recent descriptions, top 200 books, reviews and excerpts, in addition to member feedback web-notes on thousands of titles within the system.

We also offer the ability for reader members to interact with the writers that join our system. Each writer will help you to get to know them better by filling out profiles and an author biography, as well as posting exclusive audio and video information entirely for your enjoyment.

More than Books

Haulworks.com is the ideal destination for anyone looking for the best in art, books, business, gaming, modeling, music, painting, sculpting or just wishing to join a network of like minded individuals for personal or professional growth. It's the Internet's Largest social Network system and the ultimate one-stop shop for everyone. Best of all... It's entirely free! Sign up today.