Rules and Regulations

"Write and unite on this amazing website for authors everywhere!"
The newest, fun, free, internet site for aspiring writers wishing to be published is now available and growing daily. Post your prose and poetry with the possibility that if it is written well enough, this site will help to connect to a publisher who wants your wonderful, witty, wild or wacky works to publish in book form or e-publish on the world wide web. Millions of faithful writers of prose and poetry, individuals from all walks of life, individuals who have never published, individuals who have published before and wish to do so again, will access in hope of obtaining a publishing contract with a major publishing or e-publishing companies. Designed in a fun and interactive way this site holds great promise for all literary works destined to greatness.

The design of the site is what makes it unique and what makes it a one of a kind social network for authors, their fans and publishing companies on the internet. Notably, the site contains three distinct publishing areas for prospective authors called portals. Within each of these portals are the mechanics that create the competition and its various aspects of play over the course of time. The first portal is a general website area where writers (authors) portray their work to a world of readers in twenty-four identified literary categories. These categories are Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction, Biographies and Auto-Biographies, Business and Finance, Children Fiction, Children Non-Fiction, Cooking, Education, Entertainment and Leisure, General Interest, Health and Living, History, Hobbies, Home and Garden, How-to, Leadership, Philosophy, Poetry (Adult), Poetry (Children), Science and Technology, Self-Help, Special Interest, Spirituality and Travel. Members who sign on to utilize the website and its mechanics of play and competition pay nothing to belong to the website, they merely agree to terms of use. In this way, all members become eligible to provide meaningful and constructive feedback on an author member's works. Everyone has the power to make or break a perspective author through their feedback on any particular work submitted to the website.

Within the second portal is a competitive, real time, internet reality game whereby selected works are portrayed and have the potential to be read and voted upon by the 1.14 billion internet users worldwide. It is within this second portal that the promising works of writers who have made it to this phase of the reality competition are assessed over a period of time on their merit. Finally within four months of entering into the competition there will be two works which have stood the test of time and have been voted on as being the best works of the site and worthy of being moved to the final portal of the site where a publishing contract can be awarded.

The third portal is a "buyers" portal for Publishing Houses and individuals intent on purchasing an author's rights to any submitted work of the website but particularly those that qualify over the course of the year for being in the top 12 (top 10 plus 2 wildcard entries) in each category.

Filling out your information:
A writer of a work who wishes to post their work in hopes of obtaining feedback and the possibility of a publishing contract signs up on the website and provides as much information as they wish to post. This involves filling out a substantial amount of information that may or may not be used as the competition progresses, such as filling out an author bio, prospectus for their work and selection of title and cover for the work they are submitting. They must also agree to the terms of the website and must agree to the terms of use for the website, its design and processes of submitting the work to the website for a period of one year or until they are released from the agreements and terms of play on the site through proper course of the competition or by their obtaining a publishing contract with any "publishing company" or "buyer".

As a condition of membership, individuals are allowed to read any of the works that exist on the website in whole or part. The site is very interactive and we encourage members to connect with one another. All feedback propagated within the relational database is used to determine a work's promise as a literary work worthy of a publishing contract. The relational database is inherent and hidden into the backbone of our website and captures information that will be passed on to all publishing companies and buyers who wish to contract an author for their work.