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Bookhaul.com and the Internet Reality Game held September of each year:

Voting resumes on September 1st of each year and all members can vote and add feedback which will be used to move an author's work to the next stage of the game. During each week in September two works will be removed until only the top four works remain in play. On September 30th the relational data base and our panel of editors and writers releases the names of the authors whose work will be released for entry into our publisher's forum. These books will be placed in a secure site with access only by the author and Bookhaul.com. The selected authors will have two months to improve their book and ready it for publication. During this time, publishers can contract writers and should no contract(s) be acquired during the time period of November 1st to midnight December 24th of any year, the work will automatically be moved to the auction portion of the Bookhaul.com website. This is a site where Publishing Houses and individual buyers can bid to acquire the final work from the author from December 25th to December 31st of any given year. If the auction becomes the method to acquire the publishing contract or sell the work, the author and/or their agent(s) is in total control of the work up to midnight December 31st, whereupon on December 31st, at 00:01 hours precisely, Bookhaul.com will take over publishing negotiations on behalf of the author and/or their agent(s) to acquire a publishing contract for the author.

Making the top 200:

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As a relational data base driven site, this website's primary function is to ensure works are worthy of listing, compile all member feedback data, remove works not up to a publishing standard through an Internet reality competition format, and move works from the thousands submitted to the top 200 and even possibly the top 12. Though the movement of 200 authors work in each category occurs at the end of April of each year, rejected works can immediately be re-submitted for the next year's competition. This "fail safe" dynamic allows authors to continue to improve their works over time remember there are many books that have been written over many years).