Literary Agent

Why use a Literary Agent

Literary agents are an important part of getting your work to market. As Publishers get over subscribed by authors attempting to get their work published they are less likely to consider books unless they are submitted by an agent. To this end, an author is well advised to seek out an agent that can best represent their work.
It has become commonplace for Publishers to prioritize books which come to them through an agent because the Publisher knows that Literary Agents help the book meet the demands of the market and produce more publishable works. It is also important to utilize a Literary Agent as they best know the publishers and understand where your work will fit in best with any particular Publishing Company.
Knowing that finding a literary agent is no guarantee that your work will find a publisher, authors always run somewhat of a risk. Using the site and getting the necessary feedback from writer peers and a quality readership that cares will go a long way to creating the best work an author could ever hope for. Add in's literary agents and you have a recipe for success.
Unlike other literary agents who ask a fee for reading a typescript,'s literary agents do not generally make any charge until the author's work begins to earn. Our site agent gee is set at a standard of 10% and will not vary no matter what the book's earnings are: for example, it will be no higher in the case of foreign publication of a book than on sales made by Canadian and USA publishers, on which the normal levy is 11%-15%.
We accept all writers as clients who enter the competition area of our website and who agree to work with our Literary Consultant Department to improve their work. As their Literary Agent we ensure that their work is of the highest quality. This bypasses the normal mode where writers have tried unsuccessfully to find an agent who would be willing to add a new author to his/her list of clients. Our website takes the place of authors needing to send out numerous typescripts to those publishers who are willing to consider direct submissions. We have it all and do it all for our clients.
Do I have to use's literary agents? The answer to this is an unequivocal "No". There are many incredible literary agents listed in the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook or The Writer's Handbook. Read all of their entries carefully; as some agents handle only certain kinds of books and may not be interested in what you have to offer. Most of the newest literary agents (posing dates of their founding membership are normally shown) may be more interested in new writers than those which have larger portfolios and are bigger players in literary circles.
Of benefit to becoming an author linked to a larger literary firm is that these agencies usually have a greater number of departments, and as such will be able to handle various subsidiary rights, such as television and film rights for an author.'s literary agents are as much advisers as they are friends. Our agents are always on your side in this sometimes harsh, commercial world of publishing and will do their best to ensure that the various subsidiary rights are protected and that your book and its copyright will not be exploited in the publishing process.